Stay on same-sex ruling leaves gay couples with questions

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Members of the gay community are upset with Friday's appeals court stay of the ruling that allowed same-sex marriage in Indiana.

They see it as a fight to protect their rights and this ruling calls that into question.

The ink was barely dry on their marriage license from Wednesday when Ernest and Greg Disney-Britton learned other gay couples still wanting to get married would have to wait.

"Greg's angry, I'm angry, but I'm also optimistic. No one expected Wednesday. Wednesday was incredible. We'll hold onto Wednesday, because Wednesday's going to come again," said Disney-Britton.

Until another Wednesday does come, though, Friday's stay has left gay couples who got married in Indiana this week with questions. The state attorney general's office says it's not clear yet whether Indiana will consider couples like Ernest and Greg legally married.

In a statement released Friday night, a spokesperson for the attorney general's office said, "That is undetermined. Such issues might be determined by a court later."

"At the end of the day, we love each other and how could that possibly make anybody else's relationship diminished?" asked Disney-Britton.

For Greg and Ernest, who've been together seven years, Friday's decision wasn't unexpected.

"It did come quicker than I expected, but even so, it was hurtful. It was painful. Even though you know the wall's going to be up, you still don't want the wall to be put up," said Ernest.

Adding to the pain now is remembering the unexpected joy from Wednesday. The couple couldn't believe it when they learned this week they could legally marry in Indiana.

"That's why its even more of a letdown, because it was unexpected to even happen and then you rip it away," said Greg.

"I thank God for Wednesday and Wednesday's going to come again," Ernest added.

It has to, they said, and they believe most Hoosiers agree with them.