Stay active year-round

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Many of us struggle to get out of our warm beds in the morning as it gets colder outside. It's even harder to find the motivation to exercise before work. But a change in weather shouldn't mean a change to your healthier lifestyle.

It's important to keep those healthy summer habits all year long.

"I think we know we feel better when we're more active, when we're outside more," said Alyssa Dodd, who exercises year-round.

As the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder, it gets harder to keep those healthy summer habits alive. Registered dietitian Valerie Edwards says it's important to live a healthy, well-balanced life all year long.

"You can't go wrong with more fruit and vegetables," she said.

In the summer, it's easy to find locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

"I love fruit, so I try to eat that and vegetables...try to keep it healthy," said Dodd.

We put our farmer's market finds on the kitchen counter, and snack away.

In the fall and winter, it just gets harder. The fresh fruits and veggies that are in season require a lot more effort to eat.

"A great way to make a bunch of vegetables in the winter is to roast them," said Edwards, who encourages her patients to think about keeping your food fresh and avoid something like a carb overload just because it's cold outside.

"I think naturally we're going to act on some of those but we should balance out those urges by making a hearty soup but also including a lot of vegetables in it," she said.

Eat light, eat often, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

"I drink a lot of water but I think that has to do with the fact that I do exercise a lot," said Dodd.

Exercise is so important no matter what the weather.

"The biggest thing people struggle with, of course, is maintaining exercise when the fall arrives... when it's rainy and its dark," said Edwards.

If you want to keep a good fitness routine, you have to find a way to work with the weather.

"If it's cold, you just layer up...T-shirt, sweatshirt, sometimes jacket for the rain," said Zach Hedeen, who exercises year-round.

Or think about ways to exercise inside.

"Gym memberships; gym's really good. Go work out inside. They have TVs," said Dodd.

Just make it a priority to feel good all year long.

One more healthy habit you should have this fall is a good "vitamin D" routine. Check with your doctor to see what kind of supplements you should be taking.

Vitamin D is found in foods like fish, eggs and milk and can help prevent chronic diseases and protects your bones, teeth and hair.