Statement from Congressman André Carson on the death of IMPD officer Perry Renn

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)
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Congressman André Carson released the following statement this morning in response to the news that IMPD veteran patrol officer Perry Renn was killed last night in a shootout on the city’s Eastside.

“My heart goes out to the family and friends of Officer Renn. Our city lost a brave law enforcement officer last night, and we grieve with those he leaves behind.

“There are no words to describe the courage of an officer who walks into a situation not knowing what he or she will face, not knowing whether he or she will walk away unharmed. Our men and women in uniform place themselves in danger each day so that we can be safe. We owe them an immeasurable debt for their valor.

“This seemingly endless violence in our streets has claimed far too many lives, including public safety heroes like Officer Renn, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our city.

“It’s past time for Indianapolis to get involved, to take back our streets and to seek common sense solutions that will keep dangerous criminals where they belong so that law-abiding residents can feel safe in our city. Officer Renn must not have died in vain. We have to solve this problem, and we have to work together to do it.”

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