State Sen. Delph launches Twitter tirade over same-sex marriage

State Sen. Mike Delph (R-IN)
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State Senator Mike Delph of Carmel is getting a lot of attention over his Twitter tirade in response to the same-sex marriage amendment not being on the November ballot.

Among Delph's tweets: "I'm attacking the culture and the hypocrisy of modern political correctness. It sickens me!"

The state senator also tweeted that he isn't talking on camera today, but will make a big announcement Monday.  Delph's announcement is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Monday.

Delph sent this statement to WTHR:

"I love my nation, state, country, and fellow man.  But I see identity politics and entitlement not to mention evil marching us down to Roman ruin.  It's time for God fearing Patriots to stand up and fight for our culture and our traditional Judeo-Christian values.  It's also time for conservatives to hold its squishy Republican leaders accountable to the intentional deceit as told by a sympathetic and hostile liberal news media."

Delph had sharp words for what he sees as a lack of support among churches for HJR3, as the amendment is known.

"My biggest criticism is with the Evangelical Church. GraceCC, E91, College Park, Northview, all should be ashamed!" he tweeted.

When a follower asked him, "What's your issue with E91?" Delph responded, "Every major church was silent on marriage except in their bldg. I sat through the Comm meetings. AWOL!"

Many of Delph's supporters rallied around him with comments like this:

"Thank you for your courageous stand re: Christian foundation our country was based on! May all who have true faith stand strong!" wrote Luanne Hodgin.

Delph appeared to have a response for everyone, whether they were a supporter or a critic.

"The people spoke, and @MikeDelph didn't want to hear what they said. He's angry that the system worked for THE PEOPLE and not for him," wrote @IndyFeminists.

See his account here.