State presses on with Schrenker case

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Despite a public appeal before a national audience, the state of Indiana is moving forward with prosecution of Michelle Schrenker and her husband, Marcus. After Michelle Schrenker appeared on NBC's Today, Eyewitness News talked with the man who is leading the investigation.

Michelle Schrenker's appearance on national television on Friday looked like a volley to sway public opinion after the state recently froze her assets and those of her estranged husband Marcus Schrenker.

"People seem to think that the state is giving me some sort of allowance that's helping me take care of my children and that's not the case," Michelle Schrenker.

That drew a quick and sharp reply from Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, whose office sought to freeze the assets on behalf of dozens of former investors with Marcus Schrenker's Fishers financial companies.

"Our fight is in the courtroom, not the court of public opinion and that's where my focus will be," said Rokita.

Michelle Schrenker repeated on NBC's Today Show what her attorney maintained in an Indiana court - that, despite holding the title of CFO paying more than $10,000 a month, she was nothing more than a bookkeeper. Also detailed, the over $66,000 Eyewitness News reported that Schrenker withdrew from a company account in December just days before she filed for divorce.

"He took the deposits in. That was never something I did. My focus was always my family. It was never the company," Schrenker said.

Michelle Schrenker's attorney plans to appeal the judge's decision.

"Whether she's an accomplice or a victim, for me isn't really the point. I want to protect investors and just because assets were transferred into her name doesn't mean they're hers," said Rokita.

State officials maintain that the case against Marcus and Michelle Schrenker is far from over. The receiver appointed to oversee the Schrenkers' assets has until June to compile a list that will then be given to the state.

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