State police to help IMPD patrol East District streets

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Metro police have come up with a new police partnership to get more officers on the streets in a troubled part of town.

Indiana State Police troopers will pitch in by cracking down on traffic violations not just on area highways, but also in IMPD's East District.

State Police Headquarters on 21st and Post Road is in East District. Now in a neighborly agreement, the state will provide extra patrols on the roads nearby.

Sweeping up on the east side, Patti Hayes has great appreciation for her neighbors and not just those living next door.

"We love being across from the State Police post," Hayes said.

But her little haven in the IMPD East District has been hit by crime.

"We even have a crime watch sign posted down there," Hayes said. "We had some crime in here about four years ago and the police presence came and just being parked at the end of the street and troopers and IMPD driving through, just the presence of their cars made us feel safe."

The patrol partnership is a nod by each department to work together. State police say it's Supt. Doug Carter's effort to become more involved in local communities. The increased enforcement will help IMPD take suspended drivers off the road and take those wanted on warrants into custody.

"Them just driving through made a big difference," Hayes said. "It's wonderful. We all need to work together. I think when we all work together, things are better."