State Police raise concern over Amber Alert cell phone messages

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A new amber alert system has been put into effect for millions of cell phones. But not all police departments are on board with the new system, including the Indiana State Police.

If a child goes missing, and an Amber Alert is issued, the information would appear on roadway message signs. Television, radio, the National Weather Service are all utilized to spread the word, and police say every tool in the toolbox is a helpful one.

Now, a new system, known as the commercial mobile alert system, will send an alert message on phones in the area where the abduction took place. The alerts automatically activate on newer phones - as a chirping sound and a text message. But local law enforcement, including the Indiana State Police, aren't participating.

"We question the safety of the feature, especially if somebody is operating a vehicle when that shrieking noise - that alert - goes off could startle a driver," said Captain Dave Bursten if the Indiana State Police, who is concerned that a distracted driver "might cause a whole different set of circumstances that could cause injury or loss of life."

They are offering a voluntary option in case you want to be alerted on your cell phone to Amber Alerts. You can subscribe on their website.