State lawmakers hope to end session a day early

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Indiana lawmakers could end their session on Thursday - a day early.

Believe it or not, the Big 10 tournament is playing a big part in the decision. It seems some lawmakers are set to lose their hotel rooms so the goal became finishing on Thursday.

Some big issues remain to be resolved. The House and Senate have decided in favor of a local option on the business property tax. It will not hit the books until July 2015, allowing communities a year to iron out problems with replacement income.

"Same thing with corporate income tax cut and financial institutions tax cut," said State House Speaker Brian Bosma (R). "That will hit the books, stepping down slowing through 2022 but this is going to be a big buzz among job creators nationwide and I believe will make Indiana the second lowest corporate income tax in the nation and that will get people's attention."

Lawmakers have also decided to allot $200 million this year and more next year for transportation funding. That money will be targeted on I-69, I-65 and I-70.

"You can't be the crossroads of America without having safe and adequate roadways and interstates," Speaker Bosma added.

A pre-kindergarten vouchers pilot program is another area of disagreement. Lawmakers wanted to study it for a year and take it up during next year's budget session but Speaker Bosma said leadership worked out a compromise allowing for a substantial pilot program as well, which the governor has touted.