State Fair survivors meet

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More than a month after the state fair stage collapse a group of survivors is finding comfort together.

Inside Christ Presbyterian Church in McCordsville a group of friends met Saturday to share stories and camaraderie.

They came from all across Indiana, and some even farther, many meeting for the first time. What they have in common is tragedy. They all survived the state fair stage collapse last month.

"To watch it fall down where we were was pretty horrific," said organizer Miles Floetker.

Organizing the gathering actually started in the days following the tragedy. Survivors were searching for comfort, they were searching for answers and they found it on Facebook.

Floetker said, "A bond has been created by this event and a family has been formed and a fellowship and I am just so grateful to be a part of it"

Doran Ellis found the survivors facebook page and just started chatting with others who were there, " For me and everyone here, the talking part is what we need to move forward."

 "You go through such a tragic event and you have this one thing that connects you and you basically just want to sit down a talk with somebody who understands what you're going through," said survivor Amy Lynn Byrd.

She is not only a survivor but the handler of a therapy dog, Mackinzie. She brought her to provide comfort to others still struggling with what happened.

Byrd says, "I was hoping that if people were here and talking and got upset that it would help to calm them down."

Healing is happening through conversation, even a simple hug from someone who truly understands.

"It's just absolutely amazing the friendships that have come out of this. It's nice that through that dark night there's a bit of sunshine," says Ellis.

Some are also finding closure to an event that has forever changed everyone here who has lived to see a better day.

Members of the survivors group plan to attend fundraiser's for victims seriously injured in the collapse.

They hope to organize a second gathering in a few weeks.