State Fair rescuer shares lesson with high school students

Maggie Mullen was trapped and injured in the stage collapse at the State Fair.

In spite of all that our children can learn when they sit their classroom, some will tell you the best, most important lessons are life lessons taught outside the classroom.

Friday, students at Heritage Christian students got a little of both. A biomedical sciences seminar at the school was about life and death.

"As a society, we need to work better together on just doing for each other. Doing for each other in a manner that we would want someone to do for us," said Debra Evans.

Evans, a medical assistant at St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel knows what she's talking about. She was part of the life chain that helped three-year-old Maggie Mullen survive the State Fair tragedy.

"I saw lots of things you don't ever want to have to see," said Evans.

Most of all, what she saw was a three-year-old girl suffering from wounds to her arm and leg, drenched in blood. Evans would carry who was passed to her care to the ambulance for the ride to the hospital. In fact, she would even ride along as another little girl was receiving emergency care.

"She looks over at the little girl and then back at me and says, 'Am I going to die?'," Evans said. "If you've ever heard someone say that to you, especially a little girl, it takes your heart. It touches you in a way that changes you forever."

From that time on, the two would be inseparable.

"I stayed with her, probably 7 a.m. until her dad got there. I stayed with her the entire time," Evans said.

It cemented a relationship that continues to this day. Maggie, now age four, is doing well. Their relationship is even better.

"She has changed my life," Evans said.

All because she was not afraid to help someone in time of need. Evans told the high school class that she has gained so much more than she gave that night.

"It is important when you are going through tough times that you rely on your faith. Just be good to people. That is my biggest thing," Evans said.

That life lesson is the lesson of the day for the class at Heritage Christian, to now take with them out into their own worlds.