Staple found in Halloween candy may be hoax


A Columbus mother has changed her story about a 5-year-old son biting into a one-inch metal staple in his Halloween candy. Now police are trying to find out whether the first report was a hoax.

The mother had taken her son trick-or-treating on Halloween in Columbus. She told police that night, her child later bit into a Tootsie Roll and felt a metal staple in his mouth. But during interviews Thursday, Police spokesman Lt. Matt Myers said he found changes in the story.

According to the Columbus Republic, Police talked to the boy and the mother separately Thursday, when the son said that he'd never eaten a piece of tainted candy. Afterward, Myers said the mother confirmed his story.

The mother's latest account is that a female friend of hers found the candy wrapper Halloween night on the floor. When that individual picked up the wrapper, there was a staple in it.