Stand against violence

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Many in Indy are now taking a stand against the recent violence and taking a step of faith to make our streets safer.

"When I was a child, I could walk to the store and my grandma wouldn't have to worry about it."  Loretta Cummings and Rev. Joseph Adams grew up on Indy's east side. They remember a brighter day.

That's why they're so disturbed about these days of increased crime and violence, seven shootings in the city in the first six days of April.

"They're asking for help so it's our duty as Christians to come out into the community and help," said Loretta.

Rev. Adams told Eyewitness News, "You want to do something about it besides looking at it on TV. That's not enough."

That's why they feel compelled to join the walk-the faith walk-to stop crime through prayer.

"How can I change this block? How can I change right here in the way that I can?," Pastor Eric Whitaker spearheads the Faith Walk and is leading this training session for new participants like Loretta and Rev. Adams.

"The people of the faith in this community care and willing to come outside of the safe place the sanctuary and to greet them on the street on their term, their turf and connect them with resources," said Rev. Whitaker. 

The walk is a product of the Community Resurrection Partnership, a group of churches in the Martingdale-Brightwood community . While the walk started nearly 20 years ago, it's purpose now more important than ever.

Pastor Whitaker explains, "We're seeing it fast this year and the weather is barely breaking and we're seeing stories of shootings. the church where we sit, this is 46218 and is notorious for those violent type crimes."

While the point of the walk is to fight crime, those who live in the neighborhood, who have experienced the walk say it accomplishes so much more.

Amy Harwell said, "If they know of people in the community needing help while they're walking or needing special prayer or looked upon, then during the faith walk they do that."

They did just that for Ms. Amy Harwell one time when she was home sick. Ms. Amy has lived in this neighborhood for 40 years. She can testify the Faith Walk is making a difference.

"A lot of people have accepted the Lord during the Faith Walk. The Faith Walk and God do have it in control and it will be and always will be a progress for us," says Harwell. 

Taking back their community one step at a time.

The Faith Walks will start up for the summer season on April 19 and continue two Friday nights each month through October.