St. Patrick's Day parties start early

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It's known as the Super Bowl of party weekends. St. Patrick's Day generates big celebrations but also leads to many arrests.

Crowds kicked-off the festivities downtown early while police begin a major crackdown on drunk driving.

Cheers to a day of celebration for St. Patrick's Day weekend! Sumi Blank and Jason Marshall are spending the day with friends. They started early, at 10am!

"And we're going from bar to bar and enjoying friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day," said Sumi.

From the Slippery Noodle to the Hard Rock Café and several places in between, ten downtown locations are participating in the pub crawl. But, this beer-guzzling group has a plan!

"We caught a cab down here just to make sure we wouldn't drive home. I think that's the safest way to go. You catch a cab here, you catch a cab home," said Jason.

But, several drivers didn't have a plan and they're paying the price. They're two of five arrests made Friday night during Operation Pull Over. Officers are saturating the roads and holding sobriety checkpoints to nab drunk drivers.

"If we can get you, we will and if you don't get caught it's because you happened to get lucky and we didn't see ya," said Sgt. Mike Duke, Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Calling a cab or having a designated driver is one way to establish a plan, but some folks are getting creative with their responsible partying.

"I figure if you're going to party, you gotta party hard with the chicken limo, with the hat, you can't do anything better than that. Just go out and have a good time all day and be able to go home safe and sound," said Roman Ervin.

It's all about enjoying the day safely and making sure the party doesn't end before you want it to.

The DUI roving patrols and sobriety checkpoints are a joint effort between local law enforcement agencies and the Marion County Traffic Safety Partnership.

The pub crawl was for a good cause. Proceeds went to the Cathedral Soup Kitchen.