Sprint car driver apologizes for tweets

Amanda Throckmorton

A driver who tweeted during the traffic jam from slain Indianapolis Metro Police Officer Rod Bradway's processional last week is speaking out. Her tweets went viral and she says they even led to threats.

WTHR got her exclusive reaction to the fallout and her message to the Bradway family.

Sprint race car driver Miranda Throckmorton is apologizing for her tweets sent while stuck in traffic during the funeral procession for IMPD Officer Bradway.

Bradway died in a violent shootout while responding to a domestic violence call. As thousands of police officers honored Bradway driving their cruisers, Throckmorton tweeted, "I understand honoring #officerbradway but this is excessive. Can't even carry on with their day."

"Just like when a racecar driver straps in, it could very well be their last race. No one is any better than anyone else, a death is a death," she posted to Twitter.

Another tweet read, "Every cop in the state of Indiana is backing up traffic through downtown and Speedway right now." She also wrote, "People die daily, he was doing his job. Ok, I'm done ranting."

But the 21-year-old's tweets went viral. Some Twitter users even threatened to boycott her racing sponsors. At least one of them will continue to sponsor her.

"I know her. She is a nice girl," said Allen Kiger, Kigers Sign Co. He's staying put as a sponsor, and he's not alone. "I have talked to other sponsors who sponsor her and they agree with me."

In the meantime, Throckmorton says she's learned a valuable lesson. She's apologizing for her words, and now warns people about responsible Twitter behavior.

"Once you put something out on social media, it's permanent and people can kind of use it against you from here on out," she said.