Spring snow storm slams central Indiana

The late-season snowstorm found Daniel Barry with Circle City Outdoors working non-stop.
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The season's biggest snowstorm fell fast and furious, causing numerous slide-offs and keeping rush hour traffic moving at a crawl beginning Sunday night.

By mid-morning, ten inches had fallen across parts of Central Indiana, with Hoosiers digging out and sounding off.

One Indianapolis man scraping snow off his car windows said, "It's weird to going from having no winter last year to the winter that never stops."

The late-season snowstorm found Daniel Barry with Circle City Outdoors working non-stop. Barry said he'd cleared roughly 25 parking lots and driveways since 6:00 pm Sunday.

"It's been a catch-up game the whole time trying to keep up with the snow," he said. "It's been falling one to two inches an hour."

But he wasn't complaining. He said Circle City Outdoors, which does snow removal in the winter and landscaping in the summer suffered last year, first with the lack of snow, then the lack of rain.

"The irrigation got shut off and mowing got cut back, way back so we couldn't do much. It was a double hit for us," he said, noting the snow "makes up for lost revenue."

At Mid-State Truck Equipment in Fishers, they were ready to put out the season's new zero-turn mowers. Instead, they were busy fixing snow removal equipment.

Owner Mike Eby said the snow plow drivers were lined up at 4:00 am.

"Today is strictly servicing parts and getting them back running," Eby said.

He described this season as "an average or maybe little-below average winter" for sales because "the snows have been big and far apart. The big months for snow are January and February and that's been pretty non-existent for Central Indiana, whereas December we get one-good week of snow and here we are in March with 13-14 inches [throughout the month.]"

Many retailers had long said good-bye to winter. REI, known for its outdoor equipment and apparel, had a handful of snow saucers for sale.

Supervisor Griffin Laplante said, "We just shipped back all of our cross-country skis and got stand-up paddle boards for spring."

The good news for bargain hunters? Those looking for winter wear coats, hats and gloves were still able to snag them off the "clearance" racks.

And while Hedlund's Hardware was ready to start pushing grass seed and fertilizer, it was able to pull several sleds out of storage.

Mark Hedlund said, "We have lots of kids on spring break, so sled sales are picking up and we have sold more shovels."

A Butler student who came looking for a sled said, "It's kind of funny. We just had spring break and I was in Florida, now I'm back and it's like we have winter break again. It's crazy."@