Spring has sprung?

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On this first weekend of spring when people should be focused on planting and enjoying the outdoors, they are instead preparing for another round of winter! Indianapolis residents are still attempting to move forward, even if mother nature isn't cooperating.

It's almost hard to believe the colors pop,  yellows and whites, red and purple.  An elusive season on display in flowers.   

"It is definitely spring in here!"

Winter's cold grip never takes hold at the Garfield Park Conservatory and definitely not the last week of March, when they celebrate spring flowers.  

Pam Cooley of New Palestine said, "Easter.  It reminds me of Easter with all of the hyacinths and the smells of spring it's just, helping us to get over the winter slump."

Winter was supposed to be over weeks ago, at least according to one prognosticating Pennsylvanian.  

"I definitely lost faith in him. Punxsutawney Phil Yeah."

An Ohio prosecutor is even seeking the death penalty against the ground hog for "misrepresentation of early spring."

But on a sunny Saturday even 37 degrees feels good enough for a picnic at White River State Park.  It is spring depending on your perspective.

"We're from Green Bay so we still have snow on the ground--quite a bit--so this is like, wow we have grass!  We're excited to be here," said Tammy Colassacco.

The tulips are already starting to pop out of the ground in fact there are about 10,000 of them in the various beds, and last year at this time, all of them were in full bloom.

"Is this one of these winters that  just won't stop?  Evidently.  It just keeps coming!  Snow tomorrow!  oh!"

And even with half a foot or more of snow in the forecast people aren't waiting, the mulch must be spread and there are miles to log running and walking.

For a taste of warmer weather, head inside

Elizabeth Schleicher of Indy Parks told Eyewitness News, "As long as we can get to work we'll be here.  We open at one o'clock on Sunday, so, we plan to be here."

This may be the only place in Central Indiana spring has actually sprung.   

The tulips and other seasonal flowers at Garfield Park Conservatory go on sale to the public next weekend.