Spierer's parents seek resolution on 2nd anniversary of disappearance

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Monday marks two years since Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer disappeared.

The search for Lauren has moved from the streets and fields of Bloomington to social media.

"Two years too long....tips to 812-339-4477," Lauren's mother, Charlene, tweeted Monday morning.

One of the last people to have seen Lauren alive is Cory Rossman, who has not been interviewed by police and has hired a lawyer. Rob Spierer and his wife Charlene told the Herald News in a recent interview, "Cory, but he individually has shut down and been non-communicative. I just don't understand, as a parent, how these boys and their families and their parents have allowed this to go this far without doing whatever they can. They maintain they have, I don't see it."

When Lauren disappeared, she was dating Jesse Wolfe, whose parents recently said the Spierers have been harassing them. Charlene Spierer responded on Twitter.

"Take the police administered polygraph and then you can say you've been forthcoming," she tweeted.

The search for Lauren Spierer has been nothing but frantic from the beginning. Hundreds of people scoured Bloomington for weeks. Posters of Lauren have been put up over and over again.

Police in Bloomington have been tight-lipped about the case from the beginning. Police did take a number of computers from her apartment complex, revealing the only known video of Lauren taken a few hours before she disappeared.

The search for their youngest daughter was taking an emotional and physical toll on her parents. They continue to work with Bloomington police.

On the two-year anniversary, police have received more than 3,000 tips, several are called "credible tips," but still nothing.

Mark Fuhrman the former LA detective was on national TV Monday, criticizing the Bloomington police for the way they have handled this case. He is part of a growing chorus of people that say the Bloomington Police Department doesn't have a working case.