Spierers lose request to keep information sealed

Charlene and Robert Spierer, shortly after their daughter disappeared in 2011.

The parents of missing IU student Lauren Spierer lost a round in court over confidential information.

Robert and Charlene Spierer asked a federal judge to keep under seal some information gathered in their civil case. They are suing Jason Rosenbaum and Corey Rossman, claiming the men were negligent for giving their daughter alcohol when she was already intoxicated. The two men were among the last people to see Lauren alive before she disappeared in June 2011.

The Spierers hoped to keep evidence such as video, transcripts and witness testimony confidential, because they believe the release of that information could bias a potential jury.

The judge agreed with attorneys for Rosenbaum and@Rossman, who argued Spierer's request is too broad.