Speedway residents issued "friendly reminder" on parking changes

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If you're accustomed to free parking in Speedway during the Indianapolis 500, you may have to rethink your plans. New restrictions for some residential streets around the track are in place.. And if you violate them, it could cost you.

If you live in Speedway, you're allowed to park there throughout the Indy 500 festivities. If you don't live there, you probably can't park under the new regulations. Even if you do live in Speedway, you need a special parking permit for 10 days this year. This week, that means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

There is also a restricted area just southwest of the track - from 10th to 16th Street, and Main to Lynhurst. If you don't have a permit to park here, you cannot park on the specified days.

In years past, race parking has been a free for all - with a first come, first served system to determine who got a free parking spot on the street near the track.

Ken Jones of Speedway is one who doesn't appreciate the way race fans took advantage of their parking spot, "Then they'll want to camp on the sidewalk with tents or they'll want to bring a motor home and set up their cooking and everything on the sidewalks and that sort of thing."

A lot of Speedway residents allow people to park in their yard, and that practice is still allowed. The going rate is around $20 per car. 

But people who try to park on the street for free often leave no space for residents. "It'll be a good thing for some of us," Jones said. "And some of us, they won't appreciate it very much. But we can't please everybody all the time."

Residents are given two parking passes. If you try to park without one, expect to be towed. Then you'll have to pay for the tow and an additional $100 fine.

This is a pilot program. After this racing season, the Speedway Town Council will vote on whether to make it permanent.