Speeding up state fair settlement


INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Attorney General wants to speed up the settlement process for victims of the State Fair Tragedy. This new claim form is for victims and their families--it's designed to make it easier to make a claim and easier for the state to determine who is eligible for money and how much they should receive.

7 people were killed on August 13th, injuring nearly 50.

Some people have not been able to return to work. They have expenses and state officials say they're trying to pay those victims as quickly as possible. Compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg, who distributed funds to 9-11 victims, is leading this effort. He says the $5 million the maximum that can be dolled out by law, is a relatively small amount of money but somehow it must be divided.

The new claim form has to be filled out by November 1st. If victims wait any longer, the $5 million the state is giving out may already be distributed.