Spatter expert testifies in ex-trooper's trial

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A forensic expert has testified stains on the T-shirt of a former Indiana State Police trooper were consistent with the blood spatter from his daughter being shot.
Tom Bevel testified Wednesday in the third murder trial of David Camm. He's accused of killing his wife, Kim, and children, Jill and Brad, in 2000 in the family's garage in southern Indiana. Camm's two previous convictions were thrown out on appeal.
David Camm claims he leaned across Jill's body to pull Brad from the vehicle to try to resuscitate him.
Jill Camm's body was found in the family SUV and the other bodies were found on the garage floor.
The Courier-Journal reports Bevel said a stain on David Camm's shoe was consistent with spatter from a body impacting the garage floor.

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