Spate of violent deaths stuns Indianapolis community

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Indianapolis is nearing record territory, but this is nothing to be proud of.

2013 has been a deadly year for the city - in fact, the deadliest in seven years with 125 murders.

Three people died in shootings over the weekend and another man was shot to death Monday morning on the city's east side.

Families are mourning and asking why. There are no simple answers to a problem that shows no signs of going away.

3300 Wallace Avenue was the scene of Indianapolis' 125th homicide this year.

"He was a good boy. He was good," said Alesha Taylor, who lost her brother Michael on Monday.

Michael Taylor was no statistic. He was Alesha's brother.

"He had a lot to give. He was really smart. He was such a smart person," she said.

Someone shot the 21-year-old as he walked along Wallace Ave., from his sister's home to his parents' home on his way to a third shift job Sunday night. His body was not discovered until Monday morning.

"He wasn't selling drugs. He wasn't acting crazy. He just kept to himself. He was respectful," said Willie Taylor, Michael's father.

In less than 48 hours, Indianapolis has had four homicides, making 2013 the deadliest in seven years. Reducing the number, officials say, starts with reporting crime.

"Call us. Get involved with your police department. And report all crime. Not just crime you think is serious, I want to know about all crime. If we don't know about an issue, we can't go about solving it," said Troy Riggs, Indianapolis Public Safety Director.

Solving Michael Taylor's murder is important to his family, but it will not bring him back.

"You can't make another one of you ever, never. It's gone. Once it's gone, it's gone. You've just got to start appreciating life more," said Alesha.

By the numbers - 2013 homicides in cities of comparable size to Indianapolis

Baltimore, MD – 234  

Charlotte, NC – 58

Cincinnati, OH - 75

Columbus, OH – 91

Louisville, KY - 48

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