Southport woman uses Facebook to connect with birth relatives

Toby Hardy and Betsy Boys
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One week ago today, Betsy Boys' life changed forever when she created a Facebook post.

"I was born at St. Francis hospital in Beech Grove on May 29th, 1984 and I'm searching for my biological mother," she wrote on a Facebook page designed to track down her birth mother.

It was something the 29-year-old Southport woman had thought about for years and was finally ready to do.

"I just agreed to the terms of use and hit the submission button and thought here goes nothing," she said.

Within hours, she received hundreds of messages including one from her biological mother's sister.

"When I saw that message from my aunt, my heart dropped I just stared at it for the longest time and knew I'd found her," said Betsy.

While Betsy's mother wasn't able to meet, her aunt shared pictures.  Betsy marveled at how much she resembled her mother, especially in how they smiled.

She also shared messages with several new cousins, but it was the message from Toby Hardy that floored her. He indicated they were likely related.

"I thought, hmmm, maybe he's a cousin," she says. "I never dreamed I'd have a brother."

And Toby, raised as an only child, never dreamed he'd have a sister. The two met a couple of days later.

"When I opened the door and saw him I couldn't stop staring.  I've never seen anyone who looked like me except for my children," she said.

Toby added, "I just couldn't believe it. I was like, it's too good to be.  I don't have much of a family and I always wanted a sister or a brother, preferably a sister."

Toby got his wish and so did Betsy, although she's still waiting to meet her mother

"I'm going to be patient, give her all the time she needs," she said. "I know it will happen. It will happen in God's time."

In the meantime, Betsy, Toby and several cousins will gather for a pre-thanksgiving celebration.

Betsy notes her adoptive parents and sister have all been tremendously supportive of what she calls her "biological journey." 

She says she's also heard from hundreds of people around the world interested in her story and looking for advice on reconnecting with their family members.

She's quick to caution that not all adoption searches have happy endings.  For now, she's just thrilled she added a brother to her family.

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