South side apartment complex residents fed up with thefts

Dennis Owens died in his sleep in 2005.
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People living in a far south side Indianapolis apartment complex say enough is enough.

Parc Bordeaux Apartments residents are fed up with thieves who have repeatedly targeted their complex. The most recent incidents include a foiled carjacking robbery as a couple warmed up their car and scraped ice from the windshield.

But the brunt of the crimes came when thieves broke into the storage shed belonging to Becky Owens.

The thieves not only stole her Christmas tree, holiday decorations and materials she uses to hand make seasonal décor for extra income, but they walked away with her late son's personal belongings as well.

"They are mean people. They got his ID. They got his driver's license. They got everything," said Owens. She tried to hold back tears talking about the theft.

Becky's son, 31-year-old Dennis Owens, passed away in his sleep in 2005. He worked for Ford at the time of his death. 

"I can't replace one thing that they took and it doesn't mean anything to them but it means everything to me," she said.

Becky kept her son's personal belongings locked in her assigned apartment unit shed. She used a padlock to help keep the items safe. But when she recently went to retrieve Christmas decorations, everything was gone including the items intended for her son's two children.

"They took his pictures, they stole his cologne, his jerseys, his clothes, his shoes, his glass top table, all my Christmas ornaments," said Becky. She and several neighbors say thieves have wreaked havoc at Parc Bordeaux.

Just in the past month, they have learned that so many people have found their cars broken into it's been hard to keep count.

"There were 30 batteries stolen here. They are trying to steal catalytic converters", said Becky, "We even know of one situation where a resident found two men under his van and chased them away."

After learning about her loss, friends surprised Becky with new holiday decorations to try to make up for what thieves took from her storage shed. Becky is grateful and that even left her in tears. But nothing can replace her son's personal belongings which she has held so dear to her heart.

The plan now is to watch and report any suspicious activity in the apartment complex. But Becky and her neighbors also hope to see more police officers in the area.