South Indianapolis grandmother issues warning after robbery

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A south Indianapolis grandmother has a warning about answering the door to strangers. She says her friendly welcome put her in grave danger with some fast-talking scam artists who ripped her off.

"I had my purse on the table," said the woman, "Bonnie."

She showed Eyewitness News where her purse was when thieves robbed her, right under her nose. While sitting in her favorite chair Thursday afternoon, she spotted two men through the window on her screened-in porch.

"When I opened the door, he said, 'Oh, it's so good to see you!' and grabbed me," Bonnie said. "He started talking like he was trying to sell something."

The men tried selling her a huge piece of linoleum, but used it to block her view to the kitchen. A third man went for her purse while she was distracted.

"It upset me because this man stood there and kept talking and throwing Jesus in there, you know, how wonderful He is," she said. "I cannot believe that I did not realize that I had been robbed. That's what kills me."

The in-home rip-off is made of everything Bonnie's sons have warned her about when it comes to her safety. Words she stresses now are words to live by.

"Because they have told me time and time again not to open that door," Bonnie said.

Now, she can see who's at the door on her television. Her son installed new home security cameras that record inside and out.

There is no word yet from police on why the men targeted Bonnie, but they suspect they may be looking for their next victim. It's one more reason why police warn people about opening their doors to strangers.