South Bend man says he found piece of skin, hair in Pepsi can

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It could be weeks before a northern Indiana man finds out exactly what he found floating in a can of Pepsi.

The maker of the popular soft drink is investigating after a South Bend man said he found what appeared to be a piece of skin with hair in the can Sunday afternoon - and he may have swallowed some of it.

"I cracked this one open and swallowed a chunk of something," Joseph Hidey explained. "We opened the can up and found another piece of what looks like skin with hair attached."

He said the can was part of a 24-pack he bought at the Walmart on Ireland Road last week. He called the Walmart location as soon as he found the item in his drink and they directed him to the Pepsi support line.

"I filed a lengthy report and they said somebody would be out the next day to check it out," he said.

A representative from an independent lab company called Stericycle picked up the specimen Monday night.

"They sent a representative here to pick up a sample as well as the can and two other cans that were left," said Hidey's attorney, Pete Agostino. "And, those were going to be sent to a lab for investigation, and determination and analysis."

It could take several weeks for test results to come back. Hidey also kept a small portion of the specimen to have tested himself.

"I want to know what's in it because I want to know what I ingested -- if it's human or if it's an animal," he said.

PepsiCo said the safety and integrity of their products "is our highest priority" and the company would thoroughly investigate this matter.

Hidey said he just wants to know what he swallowed and if it poses a health risk.