Sources: Warren Township elementary teacher arrested on drug charges


An elementary school teacher was arrested Sunday morning on an OWI charge after she allegedly left the scene of an accident.

Police say Megan Brotherton, a 12-year veteran teacher at Pleasant Run Elementary School in the Warren Township school district, crashed her vehicle into another car, which flipped over, injuring the driver. The crash happened around 9:15 a.m. at 54th Street and Keystone Avenue.

Officers say she fled the scene, but was captured a few blocks away.

Sources told Eyewitness News' Steve Jefferson police are investigating Brotherton for dealing marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to stop, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and public intoxication. The Marion County Jail confirmed Brotherton was in their custody in lieu of a $2,500 bond.

Parents getting wind of the arrest hope it serves as a lesson to every teacher about responsibility.

"They are around your kids most of the day. Who knows if they come to school that way. They could misjudge and something happen to the kids," said parent Amanda Arseno.

"It's really sad. We are short teachers anyway," said Brotherton's neighbor, Bertha Burke.

Burke feared the worst when a party the night before reportedly got out of control.

"She was telling one guy, 'Get this so-and-so out of my house!' After a minute, I just came back in the house for the simple reason I did not know if someone was going to start shooting or not," Burke said.

The school district where Brotherton works doesn't do random drug testing on certified employees, including teachers. There is no word yet if she will have to submit to a drug test if she is allowed to return to the classroom.

A spokesperson for Warren Township School says they hold teachers to a high standard and accountable for their conduct in and out of the classroom.

Brotherton is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.