Son of hit and run victim pleads for tips

Police say the beige truck in this surveillance video struck Kathleen Clark.
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Police are still looking for the driver in a fatal hit and run crash Sunday.

Investigators know a Ford F150 pick-up truck is the vehicle that killed 63-year-old Kathleen Clark near South Meridian Street and Troy Avenue Sunday night. Clark's son says one phone call could make all the difference in solving the case.

Just a few seconds of black and white video is all police have to work with.

"All of my anger is gone," said Rick Clark, the victim's son. "I just hope people understand you are taking away a mother, a grandmother, a sister."

The video doesn't show what happen to Clark as she was walking along South Meridian Street. Police believe the driver of a beige Ford F150 seen in the video knows what happened. Rick Clark knows that someone else, other than his mother and the driver of the truck, also knows what happened.

"She was a walker. That is what she did. For that to happen is out of character. Obviously, the sidewalks are an issue, but that is not what I'm here about. It is trying to bring closure to this whole thing, in regard to the person or persons that did it," Clark said. "They are hiding. I believe that wholeheartedly. They are hiding and they know they are hiding and I hope their guilt is eating at them so bad right now. Like it is eating at me that my mom passed away."

Rick Clark is the oldest of Kathleen's sons and it is his job now to bring his family together and keep them going. A tough job for anyone.

"We just have to bring this to justice," he said.

Moving forward for him means finding the person that was driving the truck that hit his mother and drove off, leaving her alone in the dark.

"Check with your neighbors. If there is a vehicle that has been in a driveway and you don't see it anymore that may fit that description, by all means, make a phone call," Clark said.

A candlelight vigil is planned for Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the parking lot across from where Kathleen Clark was found Monday morning.