Some school districts using Presidents Day to make up missed classes

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Several central Indiana school districts will be using Presidents Day as a make-up day. Beech Grove is among them. 

Beech Grove Superintendent Paul Kaiser said the decision to have school Monday cuts down on the number of days students will have to go in the summer months.
If the district misses two more days, they'll run into a problem with graduation ceremonies.

Figuring out how to make up the missed days that satisfies both the state and parents has been a delicate dance.

"We have decided not to extend our school day, but if we go beyond those two days, that will be our plan. We'll go an hour longer," Kaiser said.

Clearing school roads and sidewalks this winter continues to be costly for the district.

"We're out of salt, so we've had to order salt and the overtime man hours just piles up," Kaiser said.

He estimates the district has spent around $30,000 on clean-up.

Clearing school roads and sidewalks this winter continues to be costly for the district.

Even with school scheduled on Presidents Day, weather could again change that. Kaiser said they'll be monitoring conditions.

"It all depends on when it comes in, but we'll have our plows ready salting and hopefully we'll get everybody in and by the end of the day we can get the driveways and walk ways cleared off and get everyone home safely," he said.

WTHR took a quick look around central Indiana to see which school districts will be making up snow days on Presidents Day, which is normally a day off for schools. This list is not meant to be comprehensive; it just gives a snapshot of how local districts are handling what is typically a holiday.

If you have any questions about your school, please contact your district.

The following school districts will have class on Presidents Day (2/17):

Beech Grove
Decatur Township
Lawrence Township
Mt. Vernon
Perry Township
Pike Township
Warren Township
Washington Township
Wayne Township

The following schools districts are still off:
Hamilton Southeastern

(Editor's note: We've had some criticism over whether it's Presidents Day or Presidents' Day. While the latter is arguably more grammatically correct, we're going with the Associated Press style guide, which does not call for an apostrophe. Apologies to all those English teachers out there!)