Some new car models lack spare tire

Some makes and models are spare-less.
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If you are shopping for an end of the year deal on a new car, you may not get something you counted on.

At the Indianapolis Auto Show, one thing we did not find in a lot of the new models was a spare tire. Instead, spare tires are being replaced by tire inflators or tire mobility kits.

Shoppers are finding cars loaded with options, but they may not notice that "spare tire and jack" isn't listed on the window sticker.

Those things have been standard equipment for decades, but that's changing now. Auto makers are trying to save money, space, and reduce weight to save gas.

Some makes and models are spare-less. A brand new Ford Fusion comes with a "tire mobility" kit in place of a spare. In the trunk of a $39,000 Buick, there is a compressor-repair kit, but no spare tire.

This is an "ask questions now, don't be surprised later" thing.

"I probably wouldn't buy it. I would think they were cutting out on safety and things I need to prepare for," said Lori Wilcoxon, car customer.

Car makers started making the switch over a couple of years ago. The repair kits work, and they are easier than changing a tire. But they won't fix every flat.

So if you're buying a new car, check the trunk and make sure you're getting what you want - to avoid an unwanted surprise later.