Some missing pets reunited with explosion victims

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Saturday's explosion was a traumatic experience for the residents of the Richmond Hill neighborhood on the Indianapolis south side. But on Friday, there was a little good news for one of the families struggling to recover.

Fire investigators rescued a missing cat from a home damaged in the explosion. Gidget, 7, is a black American short hair found hiding behind a couch by an ATF investigator who was processing the site.

Gidget is one of our animals owned by the Olvey family who live on Fieldfare Way. The cat was scared but otherwise found to be in good condition after being checked out by the vet.

Director of Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons delivered Gidget to homeowner Glenn Olvey after they called Olvey to the explosion site.

The Olvey's other three pets have also been found safe. Their Shepherd Retriever mix Cindy, 15, escaped from the house and waited by the back fence. Aimee, 5, a Miniature Pinscher, was found in the home two days ago by investigators. And Socker, a 15-year-old cat, was trapped by Animal Care and Control and returned Thursday to the family.

The Olveys were home watching television when the explosion happened. Glenn Olvey says the blast blew him from the family room into the kitchen and caused debris to fall throughout the home. His teenage daughters and wife were trapped under debris.

Within minutes, Olvey says two neighborhood teenage boys and an off-duty Lawrence firefighter helped his family escape. The firefighter refused to leave until Olvey's wife was rescued. The family had minor injuries like cuts lacerations, strains and sprains.

Their house did not catch fire, but they had no electricity and the scene was chaotic.

Glenn Olvey says he's grateful for all of the help - including having his pets returned.

In addition to the Olvey's cat, Coons also retrieved an American flag and Purple Heart medal that belonged to Olvey's father, a World War II veteran.

Meantime, the dog belonging to Jennifer and Dion Longworth, the couple who died in the explosion, has not been found. Pepper is a Golden Retriever who's been missing since the explosion.

If you live on the Indianapolis south side and come across stray pets, take them to Animal Care and Control on Harding Street.