Some Carmel residents enjoy snow day

Sledding in Carmel
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The real March Madness had Hoosiers digging out Monday. For some that is a task, for others, it's an opportunity.

It was one of those days where bigger is better. In Carmel, the big snow plow cleared the major thoroughfares but for most part it was every man for himself.

One man was starting his day by warming up the car while he cleaned the ice off the windows when he wryly observed, "It's weird after not having a winter last year to having a winter that won't end."

Larry Goens of Carmel was afraid if he didn't get out there early his snow blower would be outgunned. We talked with him as his snow blower idled nearby.

"You guys have been forecasting it so I kind of expected it but still, it's a job," he said.

It is hard to go it alone. In downtown Carmel there was a chorus of snow blowers as the sound of progress filled the air.

Just a few blocks away Ruth Schwartz and her husband Russ worked to clear their way out of their home located in old Carmel. Ruth wasn't so sure this snowstorm was really going to happen.

"I was really wondering if this was going to be a miss but it's for real," she said.

Russ felt the same way.

"It was hard to imagine this was coming. I was working out in the yard on saturday and it was beautiful and I said to Ruth I can't imagine we will be buried under snow here," he added.

Then there is the moment that you say to yourself, "I just want to soak up the peace and quiet of the elements and really embrace what could be a beautiful day," and I've got the perfect place to do it.

It seems when the Schwartzes aren't teaming up to clear the driveway they also have a talent for building heated tree houses like the one behind their house.

Meanwhile, all the way across town, it was voices that echoed, not snow blowers. It seems many of the children in town decided to take advantage of this opportunity to get in one last round of sledding this year.

I interviewed of few of them live on the Monday noon show.

"It's fun being out there and not have to be in school doing work," said one boy, who professed to missing his math teacher Monday.

This was a labor of love for those school age children who didn't have to work today. Many showed up at local sledding hills like West Park, where it wasn't just about weathering the elements. It was all about gliding over them, all the way into spring.