Social Summer Part 5: Viewer tips for online safety

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All this week on Eyewitness News Sunrise, we've focused on your social summer with advice and resources to help you and your family stay safe online.

Throughout the week, we've received several comments about steps you, our viewers, have taken to ensure your children's safety while surfing the internet.

On Facebook, viewers posted two messages regarding online safety.

Sharon Oberlie Neal wrote about social media posts during summer vacation: "I stay safe by not posting where I am going or for how long. I post pictures after the fact."

Ginger King Shaw posted advice about keeping children safe while providing family updates: "If someone is going to post about their children, do NOT include names. A friend refers to hers as Bouncy and Chatterbox."

Another great reminder about communication came in from Sam, who posted: "My wife and I talk to our boys at least once a week about what they are doing on the computer. It's a constant reminder to them that we are always watching what they are doing."

Thanks so much for all the comments on the Social Summer stories we've done this week.