Social Summer Part 4: Growing Up Online


It's been a social summer like no other with more kids connecting online than ever before and at a younger age. Still, many parents struggle to keep up with their children's ability to get online.

Now, there is a new resource to help and it's as easy as clicking or tapping on a screen.

NBC and the more you has put together a free electronic book.  You can download it to your iPad, computer or simply view it online.

It's called "growing Up Online" and it's a media-rich learning tool for parents and teachers of children age six and older. In it, you'll find a Parent Primer that helps you learn the Basics.

There's a chapter on Tracking techniques to see where your kids are going.  You can learn all about Filtering and Parental controls.  There's also a chapter on how to find safe sites.

We talked with Laurie Nathan who is a Child Safety Advocate. She teaches workshops for kids as young as five.  Laurie says, "We know that children at even younger ages, even as early as one are accessing the Internet. So, it's important to start those conversations early. So, you can certainly use the ebook as part of that with children in the primary age group."

It's very easy to download this ebook. Just go to the more you and download it.

It's an excellent resource in helping parents learn more about Internet safety and addresses concerns about kids' online privacy and cyberbullying in a unique and engaging way.

You'll find a link to this on our website.