Social Summer Part 3: Monitoring your kids' accounts


So what social media are our kids using these days? Finding out is not as simple as friending your kids on Facebook so you can monitor what they are doing. There is a long list of social media apps that kids are now using.

Michelle Kaufman is your typical 16-year-old, full of energy, and always on her phone. "It is my lifeline connection to the world," she said. "I talk to people on it.  I look up stuff for school on it. I take pictures on it. I do everything on my phone."

Even in the middle of summer, she's in constant contact with her friends.

The apps she uses to keep in touch: Twitter. Snapchat - which let users send photos and video that disappear in ten seconds. Instagram. Facebook. And she just started using vine.

"Vine is a new thing that is kind of coming up that is Twitter and Facebook that you can post," she explained. "You can post six second videos and it loops so it just keeps going."

Apps you'll want to know your teen is using include Snapchat and Burnnote. Both delete content - either pictures or text - within 10 seconds.  But you can screen save a post before it goes away.  So maybe something you think is being deleted is actually saved by the recipient.

Textfree allows texting through an app and not the phone, so there is no texting record for parents to monitor.

And Spill-it, and tumblr are all apps that experts say can lead to sexting or bullying and should be monitored.

Experts say it's more important than ever that parents know what apps your kids are using, and what the app does.

Thursday on Sunrise, we'll show you how to download a great e-book that helps parents understand what their children are doing on social media, and how to help them make good decisions when they go online.