SOCHI SCENE: Spoice it up

Sage Kotsenburg & Nick Goepper (Photo courtesy: Nick Goepper Twitter)


SOCHI, RUSSIA - Spoice (SPOYss),noun.

1. An exclamation of gratitude toward life (Urban Dictionary). While looking at the breathtaking view of the slopestyle course from the top of the mountain, American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg exclaimed, "Spoice!"


1. A particularly high compliment to be paid to someone. "Her last name's ever. First name Spoiciest." - sagekotsenburg:

Snowboarders have taken over the Olympics in Sochi, and their out-there vocabulary has become the talk of the games. The word of the week has been Spoice, a catch-all term that has been popularized by Kotsenburg, the gold medal winner in slopestyle from Park City, Utah.

"I love the spoice!" women's gold medal winner Jamie Anderson said. "Gratification for life. We're all so blessed to be able to travel the world together and snowboard. It's our passion. We love it."

-- By Jon Krawczynski -- Twitter @APKrawczynski

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