Snow Shovel Stories: Digging up winter woes

Reporter David MacAnally helped shovel sidewalks in one Indianapolis neighborhood.
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Trouble keeping the heat on is just one of the many, snow struggles Hoosiers are facing right now.

The brutal winter weather is bringing expensive problems. You only need to shovel for a few minutes to learn about the toll the season is taking.

"Heat, heating bills, yeah," said mother Rhonda Jenkins.

It's no scoop lots of Hoosiers are hurting.

For Jenkins, with extra energy costs and rough weather, her son Alex says, "We haven't been able to get stuff out of a storage unit. We moved here from 100 miles south."

"Just different things, you know," said Rhonda.

So the family is still not settled in.

Across the street, we heard of more of the same problems as we helped Elizabeth Young clear her walk.

"It's making me feel like a recluse, because I haven't been out very much," Young said. "And I haven't gotten to church. That's the worst part of it."

It's put the chill on friendships, too, which are her lifeline. But Young says she's getting more quilting done and has "faith and trust it will get better."

Shoveling more, we reached Lunye Johnson's dad's front steps.

"Here's your big chance to go outside," she tells her children.

The tough thing for the Johnsons are the constant school closings.

"Thank God for my parents," the working mom said. "They keep my kids when school is not in. If it wasn't for them, I'd have to call in, take my personal time off."

But to reach her folks then work, they've got to be out of the house by 6:00 in the morning. Wednesday morning, the drive took 90 minutes.

"It's hard. I have people calling in, every time school is closed. Won't be able to come to work because the kids are out. And we have to cover. It's getting tiring," Johnson said.

It's clear Norris Hendricks worries about his neighbors.

"People don't make doctor's appointments. This neighborhood has a lot of senior citizens," he said.

In fact, we found Norris shoveling their walks, too.