Snow provides a workout

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Saturday's snow just adds to the pile already on the ground. So far Indianapolis has received more than 14 inches of snow, making this the 9th snowiest December on record.

December started out anything but winter like with temperatures soaring into the 60's and hovering around 50 for most of the month.

Finally, Four days before Christmas snow but a manageable inch or two.

The day after Christmas? The blizzard of 2012.

After the storm had passed, Hoosiers were digging out of seven to ten inches of snow.

With barely any time to catch a breath, four to five more inches piled up. For people who have to shovel, the snow means it's time for the shovel X ultimate workout better than any DVD on the market.

Doug Chase isn't getting the same workout, but the wintry weather is giving him multiple chances to use the snow blower that collected dust when he bought it last year.

"I'm glad I had it this year" said Chase.

Only a week into winter and already the Indianapolis area has received more snow than the entire season last year and not everyone is upset about that.

Joe Stolle has a snow plow on his truck. As he cleared parking lots in Carmel, he says he sees dollar signs when the snow piles up.

"I like the snow when I am pushing it. When I'm done I don't like it anymore" said Stolle.

And at Bam outdoor in Noblesville, "There's no business like snow business" said owner Mike Broshears.

Employees are enjoying an after Christmas bonus with so much work, they need more help, so says the help wanted sign in front of their business.

"We have been extremely busy. The last ten days have been grueling on the guys but everyone has stepped up and taking care of business" said Broshears.

Whether it be financial gain or winter time fun people are coping with the copious cold blast at least for now.

"I'm ready for March and it's not even January yet" said Chase.

The snowiest December on record was in 1973 when 27.5 inches of snow fell that month.