Snow-packed roads force many central Indiana schools to close Wednesday


Indianapolis Public Schools, along with the township school districts, made the decision to cancel classes for Wednesday.

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It's not hard to see why. Sidewalks remain impassable in many neighborhoods. And although most side streets have seen a plow at least once since Sunday's 10-inch snowfall, getting a school bus through is a challenge. The buses are eight feet wide - and they need to navigate in the dark on snow-packed roads.

In Washington Township, school employees had a lot more to do than just clear the snow. Four schools were without power. Plumbing, computers and even cafeteria food had to be inspected.

Buses are a big concern for every school district. They've been sitting idle for two weeks, and the Arctic weather  makes starting up the buses even more difficult.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works says contractors are 90 percent finished clearing neighborhood streets, but we found plenty still unplowed or nearly blocked by cars. Cars left parked on side streets are buried in snowbanks that won't go away until a weekend thaw.

Along with snow-covered sidewalks, corner school bus stops remain buried in snow. There's a real safety concern for children walking or waiting in the street during the morning darkness.

Then there's the morning traffic to consider. It's likely to be slow and messy, making bus routes even more difficult to run.