Snow make-up day could end early with more snow

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Presidents Day usually means a day off from school for students and teachers.  But, for many schools, today is a snow make-up day, with some anxiety about more snow on the way this afternoon.

The dicey forecast has many districts like Speedway sitting on the edge of their seats.  Do they cancel a make-up day or do they go to school with the risk of having to dismiss early when the ice and snow move in later?

We saw a similar scenario unfold Friday, when heavy snow fell in the afternoon. It created slick roads, slow-moving traffic and delays for buses trying to deliver children home. For schools, this season has been somewhat of a nightmare to walk that slippery slope of balancing student safety with the need to get them in the classroom for critical instruction.  

Then, there's the pain of making up all of the missed days with the least amount of impact.  But, today's scenario may prove the most challenging yet.

"It sounds like we're going to be able to get to school on normal times for most of our schools,"said Paul Kaiser, Superintendent Beech Grove Schools. "Our high school starts at 7:50. So, it depends on when it starts.  We'll have our plows ready salting.  Hopefully, we'll get everybody in and then by the end of the day, we can get driveways, walkways cleared off so we can get everybody home safely."

On top of the snow days, some districts are spending to the edge of their budget in overtime just keeping sidewalks and parking lots cleared this winter, not to mention money spent in salt and other materials so that students and teachers can get into the buildings once the snow has stopped.

Back to this day, we know more winter precipitation is on the way as schools once again figure out the best call for them.