Snow days forcing tough calls on school schedules


With schools already burning their snow days this winter, there is new talk about making up those days during spring break or even on weekends.

Everything is on the table. Districts say the extreme winter is calling for extreme measures, especially since we probably haven't seen the last of the snow.

"Spring break, we've already booked a cruise, so it would kill us," said Greenwood parent Michael Young.

Young and his family are planning an escape from our wicked winter.

"We are going to Cozumel and the Cayman Islands on the Royal Princess cruise line. I've never been on a cruise before, so it should be interesting," Young said with a chuckle.

But he may not be laughing.

The interesting weather February and March could bring may make for a change in plans. Districts around Indiana are scrambling to come up with a backup plan in case the wild ride of winter continues.

"This is my first year as a superintendent, so it's kind of been baptism by fire with our weather," said Greenwood Superintendent Dr. Kent DeKonick.

Greenwood Community Schools have missed four days.

"We have one more day that we have built in as a snow day. Now after that, we're going to have to start deciding what do we do?" DeKonick said.

It may seem like a world away, but Wednesday, May 28 is slated to be the last school day and graduation is set for two days later, making it a real pinch to see if the weather cooperates.

"I get some indigestion," said DeKonick.

That comes from the challenges on scheduling around Mother Nature's messes. Options include moving graduation or cutting into spring break or even weekends.

"Trying to schedule a day on a Saturday that you would be able to ensure good attendance would be pretty precarious," said DeKonick.

It all hinges on if his district misses two more days.

"If we need to look at going over any days over spring break or on a Saturday. Before we do that, we would certainly want to get some parent input and teacher input," DeKonick said.

Many other districts are also one day away from having to make tough decisions. Brown County plans to discuss moving graduation ceremonies at their next school board meeting. Connersville's graduation is June 1, but their last day of class is June 2. They'll meet next month to decide if they'll go on a Saturday.