Snow cushions toddler from two-story fall

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An Indianapolis family spent part of the day at Riley Hospital for Children-IU Health after an accident at home.

Two brothers were watching the snow fall outside the second-story window of their Eugene Street home when their mother checked to make sure they were okay.

It turns out they weren't.

"I asked my son Randall, 'Where's your brother Rondell?' and he pointed to the window and I heard some crying and everything," said Sheresse Johnson.

Three-year-old Rondell had fallen, Sheresse ran outside to find him lying on the ground.

"I was scared that I was going to lose my son, but God was with him," Sheresse said.

God and a pile of soft, new fallen snow that cushioned his fall. The boy had minor injuries to his leg and he bumped his head, but after a battery of tests, doctors sent him home with his family.

"I'm just glad that he's okay and everything, because a lot of kids don't make it from a fall like that," Sheresse said.