Snow-covered sidewalks still putting walkers on streets

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With milder temperatures and melting snow, Indianapolis Public School children will finally be getting back to the classroom after a winter storm gave them an extra week of holiday vacation.

The entrances and walkways to IPS buildings are snow-free and ready for students.  But many children will still have to deal with snowy sidewalks on Monday morning. That means drivers will have to watch out for students walking or waiting for buses where they usually don't.

Antwan Vinson isn't taking any chances with his three children.  They won't be walking by themselves to IPS school 43. "I'll probably end up walking them myself, till it all clears up," said Vinson.

Not all parents have the option to drive their children to school, however.  

On Sunday afternoon, we watched as walkers took to the streets. The sidewalks were a patchwork of concrete and snow. 

Darci Krumm tried to take her dog on their normal route. "I just have to be very careful of the traffic," she said. "I try to stay more to the streets and alleys that are less-traveled."

Going back to school, many children will be out when it's still dark.  

"I would be very concerned," said Krumm.  "Luckily, I don't have any kids in school right now, but if I was a parent, I would be very concerned."


That's why Antwan's kids will have an escort.  And their dad has a suggestion, "Shovel your sidewalks for the kids, and throw some salt down."

Parents should also make sure their kids wear or carry something bright or reflective if they are heading out this morning.