Snow a welcome sight for some businesses

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The heavy snow carpeting central Indiana may be a pain when it comes to getting around, but it's been plus for several businesses.

Over the last week, Fusek's Hardware in downtown Indianapolis has had a run on winter supplies including shovels, ice scrapers and ice melt.

"They've taken us down to the end," said owner Steve Fusek, pointing to the dozen bags of ice melt remaining on shelves. "We haven't run out yet, but they've taken us to the bottom several times. It's night and day compared to last year."

Last year's unseasonably mild winter left many retailers with a large inventory of unsold merchandise. In fact, it was so mild that some plants began blooming in early February.

But thanks to last week's blizzard, those who rely on snow and snow removal were back in business.

"It's job security," said a man who was shoveling walks downtown. "I'm glad to be working."

Those who sell plows were also happy to see the change in weather.

"It's going to be strong and with every continued snowfall it will carry us thru the end of February," said Brandon Eby with Mid-State Truck Equipment said of the season.

Also loving the snow are Indiana's ski resorts, including Paoli Peaks and Perfect North Slopes, which had its second best holiday weekend in 33 years.

"We make a lot of our own snow and we try to make our own winter but it's hard to beat the promotion in everyone's yard," said Chip Perfect.

He was also excited about the drop in temperatures forecast for this week. The colder weather "makes a drier, heavier snow, so it's easier to make a base," he said.

Like others, Fusek said he's glad the first snow was heavy and came sooner rather than later.

"A lot of times when it's later (customers) will say 'ah, I can get thru the rest of the year but this year because we've had several (snowfalls) in a row they've spent money on what they need," Fusek said.