Snapchat App used to lure young girls

20-year-old Jacob Bixler

Parents we have all had this conversation with our children about cell phones.

If you are like many parents a cell phone for your child is for their safety, then the phone becomes a problem, they send too much texting or too much time on the phone. Now you are going to want to check their phone for an app called Snapchat.

The app is used to send and receive pictures, but the pictures vanish seconds after they are open, it was the same app according to Lebanon Police that a 20 year old  man used to lure young girls.

After school and on the weekend the basketball courts at the Lebanon city park are almost always busy. Saturday the warmer temps and sun brought the kids to the park. And where there are teenagers you will find cell phones.

We asked the kids as they shot around if any of them have or used Snap Chat, all of them have at least heard of it, only one admitted to actually having an active account.

Snapchat is an App that allows anyone with a smart phone to send and receive pictures from others using the same app. The app is marketed as a quick way to communicate with friends with pictures, users can send their pictures to others that have the app. But once the picture is opened the app deletes the picture within seconds.

So those embarrassing out of focus shots or pictures taken in less than favorable circumstances are gone in seconds. But the kids on the basketball court tell us the app is not always used for good clean fun.

Lebanon Police say 20-year-old Jacob Bixler was using Snapchat to lure young girls into having sex with him. Police say he had sex with three 13 year old girls and was also sending pictures to an 11 year old girl. Police caught up with Bixler when one of the girls called police.

Snapchat is certainly a generational app, most of the parents we talked to in Lebanon had never heard of it, their teenagers on the other hand had.

Darryl Wilson told us he doesn't worry about how his son used his phone, he knows who is calling and sending text messages,  "All though his phone right now is blocked from photos he can do text messaging but when we set him up he could not transmit photos" said Wilson.

Police say check your children's phone often and if you suspect a problem call police. Bixler is being held on seven felony charges after soliciting sex from four underage children