Smash and grab couple suspected in new crimes

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Police say a couple on smash-and-grab crime spree is at it again.

After making news headlines for car break-ins in Putnam, Hendricks and Johnson counties, there are new crimes in both Fishers and Knightstown.

The victim in Knightstown is Kathy Burge. Police say the couple stole Kathy's purse from her car on October 3 at Knightstown Elementary School.

"Someone out there has to know her. They have to know who she is," Burge said.

The thieves are recorded by Walmart security cameras using Kathy's credit card to buy a widescreen television. There is also other new security video of the couple on shopping sprees using their victims' credit cards. Police are on the lookout for the couple's white Dodge Avenger, which was also caught on camera.

Kathy has warned all of co-workers at the elementary school to watch their personal belongings in their cars.

"Very insecure. Not safe. I don't trust people, I feel paranoid," she said.

Kathy says what's worse is that if the suspect had just asked, she would have freely helped her. She believes the smash-and-grab couple is targeting school parking lots, especially when the parking lots are busy during school events.

She shares her concerns - and a warning - with other women she knows.

"I probably will never carry a purse again. Don't leave it in your vehicle. Keep it with you," she said.

The man and woman are suspected in seven different cities and counties and police say there could be more. You can earn a cash reward for your anonymous tip leading to their arrest by calling Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.