Smartphone app brings personal driver to you

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There's a new way to get around town and all you need is a smartphone.

Getting to where you want to go in the Circle City is heading in a new direction. A smartphone app called Uber can help you find your way home within minutes.

"You just tap your app," said Andrew MacDonald, who works for Uber. "You just hit 'request car.' It's now requesting the closest available driver."

Uber provides luxury car pick-ups across the city within minutes.

"Indy sort of met all the criteria we look at. It's an event city. It's a sports city, lots of conferences. Big businesses headquartered here," said MacDonald.

Uber just got to town but has been serving other major cities across the country and world. Since its launch three weeks ago in Indianapolis, the demand just keeps growing.

"We had people tweeting at us, emailing, saying, you know, bring Uber to Indy," said MacDonald.

"I used it for Zoobilation. Our entire company went and we used it to and from," said Heather Brogden who said she really liked the service.

Brogden said using the service cut down on worries like parking and driving after perhaps having too much to drink.

A new study from the University of Florida just revealed more than one-third of those who were supposed to be designated drivers have been drinking themselves.

"It told you who was picking you up, approximate time they were picking you up. You can see on the app where your car is coming from and they'll call you as soon as you're there," said Brogden.

When the driver gets there, you already know his or her name and what they look like, thanks to a picture from the app,

"Things like Uber just really prove that we're moving forward with the rest of the world," Brogden said.

Moving forward - one tap of an app at a time. The cost for Uber varies with how far you go. The minimum fare is $12.

Uber in Indianapolis partners with about two dozen car companies and uses GPS to dispatch the closest car to you in minutes.