Small businesses targeted by burglars in Shelbyville

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Small businesses in Shelbyville are taking a big hit from overnight burglars.

Over two months, burglars have hit nine businesses in town. There is no indication they are slowing down.

"This is a hit to the checkbook. It is a kick in the teeth," said business owner Mitch Mitchell.

Burglars busted into Mitchell's small baker two days ago, taking cash, computers and baking supplies, closing the place for a day.

"This is one of the busiest times of the year. It make up for when you are twiddling your thumbs," Mitchell said.

Burglars are hitting small businesses of all kinds, from a downtown music store, to a car dealership near the interstate, to a commercial lawnmower shop, and have hit a nearby pet shop twice.

"They took kittens and money," said pet shop owner Brandi Mock.

Mock is frustrated and scared. Cleaning up the damage cost thousands of dollars. To be safe, she's closing earlier and making less money. She's not sure she can afford the change.

"Not really. Not really," she said.

The burglars work the night shift, from about midnight to 6 a.m. They are not very sophisticated, but they are smart and determined. They broke into Mitchell's bakery through the building next door.

"Jumped across the roof, busted the door on the roof and came through the ceiling," Mitchell said.

Warnings and concerns are beginning to travel through the small business community.

So far, the burglars have avoided cameras and security systems, things police are recommending business owners consider investing in, along with locking up and looking out for anything suspicious.