Slick roads causes problems for central Indiana drivers Monday


An icy mix caused travel problems for central Indiana drivers Monday.

Snow, ice, rain and sleet moved through the state just in time for the afternoon commute.

The snow stopped early Monday evening in Boone County, but you almost wouldn't know it by listening to the wind.

"Pretty icy outside, just like, making me swerve everywhere. It's real icy around here," said Josh Benefield.

State, county and city trucks were laying down a salt and sand mix on treacherous roads. Plow drivers requested "just give us room. Pull over, let us come through."

Earlier at rush hour in Plainfield, trucks staged to deal with a triple threat of freezing rain, sleet and snow. They all hit the Plainfield area, coating vehicles as well as roadways.

One driver said he was concerned about a long drive home after work and a brief thaw that was sure to refreeze.

Dozens of school districts had already delayed classes for Tuesday morning.

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