Slick roads catch drivers off guard

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Though the snow was light, the problems were anything but small.

The driver of an ambulance with Eaton EMT lost control on southbound State Road 37 just north of Noblesville. Ice is the likely cause of the crash that amazingly, only caused minor injuries to the elderly patient, medic and driver.

"It looks a lot worse than it ended up being as far as injuries" said Bryant Orem with the Hamilton County Sheriffs Department.

For the most part,the roads in Hamilton county were in good shape despite the isolated patches of ice. That was not the case south of Indianapolis.

"Oh yeah, they're slick," said Tony Cox as he fueled up his car at a gas station on south Harding. Despite a steady stream of snow plows, Cox was greeted with snow covered roads--and other drivers.

"You've got to be a defensive driver. Real defensive," he said.

That's a statement that rings true for Indiana State Troopers who kept hopping along I-65 from downtown Indianapolis south to Whiteland.

"We've had numerous slide offs and several crashes that we have all worked," said Trooper Shana Kennedy.

Kennedy believes light snow bursts create more issues than heavy storms because drivers think the lanes are clear.

"And then you run into these pockets of slush and a lot of people are hitting their brakes tapping trying to slow down and that's going to cause you to lose control. What you need to do is just take your foot of the brake, coast and for the most part you will just drive right through it," she said.

Another issue she pointed out is drivers with four wheel drive who think they can get through the slush and snow full speed.

"Those drivers end up in the ditch or the barrier. People just need to slow down," Kennedy said.

Driver Warren Jackson says Thursday's pile up on I-70 should serve as a reminder as to what can happen in winter weather. "You definitely want to slow down be aware of what you're doing" he said.

And for those who are sick of winter, remember this is Indiana.

"If you don't like the weather wait 24 hours, it will change," said Jackson.

A section of State Road 37 was shut down for several hours because of the ambulance crash. A weather related crash in White county on I-65 shut down the interstate for several hours as well this morning. Both roadways are now back open.